Eat These Food If You Want To Have A Glowing Skin

Do you take time to choice the kind of food 🍲 you consume ?. The fact is most of the problems you have with your skin can be solved by having the correct diet .

The fact is most people don’t the right amount of nourished food through a balanced diet . They go with conveniency and this makes them end up consuming junks most of the time ,which will definitely affect their health and skin in a negative way .

Knowing when to eat is also key in your weight loss journey and also good for your skin . Try taking breakfast past 11am and don’t eat supper past 8pm and you’ll see the difference .

Let’s now check some of the food 🍲 that is good for your skin πŸ‘‡


Start your day first thing after getting out of your bed . Water is the base of nutrients and nourishments in our bodies . Having a well hydrated body will definitely help the skin retain moisture and this will make it glow . That’s why doctors recommend 6-8 glasses of water daily . Again this is subject to your weight ,so know your weight and get to understand the right amount of water you should take .


Fruits are also best source of skin glow ,they consists vitamins ,minerals and antioxidants . Different fruits will give you different benefits like papaya for shedding off dark skin ,grapes and oranges to remove dark spots . So eat fruits often and ofcourse in moderation .

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It’s well know that eggs πŸ₯š are rich in proteins ,zinc and vitamin B complex.Β  It helps keep the skin smooth ,Blemish free and prevent anti-aging . They also help to repair cell damage and remove excess oil from the skin . The egg yolk also contains fatty acids that can help moisture the skin . So eat eggs .



This should be your favorite food/fruit as it has so many benefits for your body . Avocados are high in essential fats ,vitamin C and E plus compounds that protect your skin again damage from sun β˜€ . Vitamin E helps slow down process of skin damage that prevents premature aging ,wrinkles and dull skin . So next time you came across an avocado handle it with careπŸ˜… and it’ll save your skin .


As much as some of you don’t like salad πŸ₯— you definitely need it in your body and your skin . They contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help remove dullness from the skin and enhance skin glow .


Sounds funny,right ?. It might be but we’ll aware carrots are rich source of vitamin A. This helps flush out toxins that cause premature aging ,and wrinkles. It also helps in preventing damage caused by sun . So ,yeah you need carrots as part of your meals .


I know you’re wondering how πŸ€”. However ,brown rice has essentials like magnesium ,vitamin B ,antioxidants and proteins . To be specific vitamin B helps and protects the skin from Blemishes ,acne Breakouts and having a stressed skin . Yeah that’s how important it is .


Your diets doesn’t have to be full of dull food or vegetables ,it can also get sweeter by having dark chocolate on the menu . Dark chocolate will give you a smooth skin texture ,prolonged skin hydration and protection from the sun β˜€. This will keep your skin protected from sunburn. Now you know ,next time grab that dark chocolate it’s good for your skin glow.


πŸ’₯ Those are some of the food that will help you have a flawless and a glowing skin . Do you have any other you feel should be on the menu ?

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Let’s Glow together 😊,Β 

Your best friend Paula .

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