Self love Tips every Woman Should Know

If you want to live a happy life ,then you got to practice self love .

Self love is taking good care of your own needs and not settling for less inorder to to please others . It’s understanding what you deserve and when to walk away . Here are tips that will help in your self care journey :

1. Don’t worry about Others’ opinions

If you’re that person who’s easily influenced by other people’s opinions ,then you can’t enjoy your life . People will always talk and the best thing you can is ignore those opinions . Just focus on what matters and that’s your life .

2. Don’t Compare yourself to Others

Comparison is the thief of joy . Only compare yourself to the person you were yesterday ,not anyone else . Focus on your growth and development that’s what matters .

3. Love the person you are

One of the things that will rob you happiness is feeling insecure about your body . Self love is being confident about everything you have. You need to know your value does not lie on how you look .

4. Don’t be afraid to let go of toxic people

Self love is knowing when to sit down or walk away . Don’t be afraid to let go of those toxic people in your life ,it doesn’t matter the kind of relationship you have with them . But as long as respect is now served ,don’t be scared to leave the table .

5. Put Yourself first

You’re the person that matters the most in your life ,so don’t be afraid to put yourself first . Ladies ,I know most of the time you put others first but that’s not self love . Love yourself first so you can be able to love others too .

When you start practicing self love ,you’ll feel better about yourself and you’re also training others how to love you . So don’t be afraid to LOVE YOU ♥️ .



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