Family Or Career . What should A Woman Choose ?

This is one of the biggest dilemma most women have found themselves in .

When it comes to bringing up a family ,women always has more to give compared to men. And it can be a tricky situation for a women since the decision they will make matters .

Also we’re leaving in a society that expects too much from women . A society that will be quick to judge a woman for not getting married ,having a kid at early age or getting kids later in life …too unfortunate.

Now the big question is ,as a woman what are you supposed to choose career or family πŸ‘ͺ ?. And if you choose one then you’ll have to sacrifice the other , and then there will be the society to judge you for your choices .

Well ,my opinion is you can balance both . Unless you want to Excel 100% in either then you’ll have to abandon one . I have seen women who have beautiful ,peaceful ✌️ family and still doing quite well in their career . So yeah ,it’s possible .

For you to be able to strike a healthy balance between the two ,then there are some very important things you’ll need to consider first :


Practically ,money is a major concern when choosing a family or Career . To have a family you must be able to provide them with the basics and a good life too .

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Are you a single parent or do you have a spouse to help in parenting . For a single parent it can a bit hectic since you’ll have to take care of both family and career .


At this point ,you don’t only consider now but also years later .You need to decide where you see yourself down the line and what decisions will make you look back without regrets.

So ladies ,this is a personal journey with personal decisions people will judge you anyway . So Be you and Do you .

Wishing you all the best ❀️

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