Things You Should Never Surrender To Someone As a Woman

Dear ladies ,I know when a woman loves she loves for real .

However it’s good to maintain self respect and not compromise on certain aspects no matter how deeply you’re in love . So ,let’s check them ,shall we?

1. Your Happiness 

Sharing happiness is one of the essentials in a relationship . However ,don’t lose yourself in between . Learn to practice self love and find happiness in yourself .

2. Your Independence 

Nothing can be compared to your Independence . So don’t surrender your dreams ,ambitions or financial plans for the sake of a relationship . A healthy relationship is when partners support each other for mutual growth not at the expense of one of them .

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3. Boundaries

Boundaries are good for you and people around you . When you’re clear with your limits and what you’re not okay with people will respect you . So don’t let people cross the line and disrespect you in the name of love . Love is respectful .

4. Your Identity

Nothing is beautiful like having an identity as a woman it defines you . So don’t change who you’re to fit someone’s expectations. Instead embrace who you’re and you’ll find the right partner who’ll appreciate who you are .

Love 😍 is a beautiful journey when traveled with the right person . May you find love ♥ 😂


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