Some of the major key contributors to better relationships , health ,mental health ,overall well being is realizing your self worth and building your confidence .

However ,most people don’t know how to navigate through this . And that’s why I’m here to share some tips to get you there . Let’s do this :

1. Stop entertaining negative thoughts

Have you ever heard the saying “you’re who you think you’re ?” . It’s true you become you You think you’re . So if you’re always having negative thoughts about yourself ,this will definitely affect your self worth and your confidence will go down . Think positively about yourself and everything will change.

2. Be careful of your environment and people you spend most of your time with

Ooh yeah this is a big one ,you’re product of your environment . Gigo (garbage in ,garbage out). Stop watching ,listening or reading content that will make you doubt your self worth ,because soon or later this will turn to your believe . Again associate only with people who’ll help you build your self worth and confidence . There’s power of associations don’t take it lightly .

3. Work out

When you look good ,you definitely feel good . Start working out ,you don’t have to do like someone else . Just come up with your own work out plan to 1 look at ways help you remain in shape and fit. This will raise your self esteem and confidence.

4. Know what determine your self worth and what doesn’t

Well ,you need to know what exactly determines your worth . Don’t confirm to societal pressure on what they believe as a measure of success ,just do you and be you. When you choose to live within your own rules you’ll always be grateful for the small wins and this will boost your self worth and confidence .

5. Set achievable goals

Another reason we subotage our confidence is setting unrealistic goals and expecting so much from ourselves. We expect to be successful overnight and if it doesn’t happen we get very discouraged . Hey relax ,you’re a “human being” not a “human doing “. Set your goals in a SMART way . Be specific ,measurable ,achievable ,realistic and time bound give yourself deadlines . Once you start working smaller goals one at time you’re more likely to achieve them and that’s how you’ll boost your confidence .

Those are some of the tips you can use to raise your self worth and confidence .

As always from your gal Paula ,

Cheers 🥂 🤗

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