About Me

MY Name is Pauline Njoroge And This is my story…

100% focus, consistency, Discipline and goal setting are crucial ingredients of success in life. Since my childhood I have always admired successful people, especially women living a good life.

 Everytime I saw a lady on the road driving their own car, I literally stoped and stared at them feeling really good and wished to have mine when I grew up Just like any other kid from an average family I successfully completed my primary and high school education. As I was awaiting to join college I visited a family member in town just to experience a different life.

I was tired of being in the house all through so I decided to look for a job, luckily I got a job with one of banks as an agent earning kshs. 6,000 monthly. I was happy that I was making some money of my own but that amount would barely get me to mid-month.

 ln 2015, I joined college to study procurement and logistics. After only a few months in school, I got so broke and at the same time I was sick and tired bothering my parents asking for money now and then so I wanted to do something with my life.The only option was to get a part-time job as I continue with my studies.

One day while on Facebook scrolling through my newsfeed (like most of you are doing right now) I saw something that caught my attention. There was a post about working online on a part-time or full-time basis. Very excited, I took the number and the rest is history. I found a program to pay me the kshs 5,000 weekly I was looking for, for my upkeep.

One year down the line, I realized that actually my online business was paying me more than I expected and at that point I was able to pay my own school fees. I could manage to pay 30,000 every 3 months plus my upkeep while still working part-time. After graduation  I made a decision to take online marketing as my new career and it became my full time job.

3 years down the line I have been able to achieve a lot, among them a brand new car , a Subaru G4 all black in the midst of a pandemic because you can never go wrong investing in the Internet .

This has happened so fast  even before some of my class mates from college have secured jobs.

People always wonder why I chose Online Work over my Supply chain management Career .

  1. it’s Freedom For me.
  2. I don’t want to be bossed around being told what to do from Monday to Saturday, January to December, years after years, instead, I want to be my own boss where I’ll choose my working hours and write my own cheque .
  3. I hate being stuck in traffic especially on a rainy  Monday morning.
  4. I’m after financial freedom as well, I want to compress my working years, the goal is to retire young and rich

With Mr Francis karanja

As I’m sharing my story am not here to brag but to inspire someone out here who’s desperately looking for a job or they’re not happy with their work, that online work is also work. If we’re doing it you too can do it.The good thing is anyone can do it, either on a full-time or part-time basis (No previous experience required since professional training will be offered) You just need to create time for an orientation training to start working with us.


With our millionare mentor CEO,the Founder of GIF

with mr Evans, my inviter in the bussiness and mentor

With Madam Esther ,One of the co-founders of GIF and Coach mwende ,my bussiness partner who is as well a car achiever courtesy of GIF,

Mr james,Madam Esther ,ME, coach mwende and Mr Evans



Personally I have been working Online for some time with Amazing Results to Show. I feel it’s my noble duty to help someone especially during this Quarantine Corona Season. As you know things are just about to get worse. Companies closing down, people losing jobs and Lock down, it’s wise to be Productive online.

I will Help You. 

So how is working with me different and what do you stand to gain from my interaction with you so that we are all winners?

Help You Get Started.

I’ll help incorporate you into the system and familiarize you with our network marketing system to give you a smooth start.

I will Train You.

I’ll arm you with business skills on how to approach potential clients and win them over as well as handling rejection.

I will Mentor You.

I’ll give you experiential guidance, walking with you every step of the way, on your path to financial freedom.

IF you would wish to get started in this business ,lets connect on whatsapp my number is 0715842157

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