Who’s Pauline Njoroge

Pauline Njoroge

I am Pauline Njoroge . A digital marketer and content creator.

I am passionate about youth empowerment Through online work and digital space .

My passion for youth empowerment is driven by my experience in employment .

I am a graduate πŸŽ“ in supply chain management . After graduation I was really looking forward to a great career in my line of profession but it ended up as a disappointment after failing to secure a job .

That’s when I started learning short courses tech related and eventually that became my new career. Self taught with several certifications .

I know we have many youths out there who have a similar experience in job haunting . And because of them and many others that’s why I’m passionate in youth empowerment Through online work and digital marketing .

I have years of experience in online work and I seek to mentor more youths Through it .

The fact is there are no enough jobs for all unemployed ,that’s why I’m creating more opportunities Through the internet . The future is online and you can start your new career online . Enjoy the freedom of being your own boss and dictate your income .

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Let’s connect and transform lives

Thank you 🀝 .

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